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How to Hire a Good Estate Planning Attorney in Chicago

A skilled estate planning attorney helps individuals create documents that specify who controls their finances, health, and end-of-life decisions. They also help clients avoid probate, which is a time-consuming and expensive legal process that takes effect after a person dies. There are many unique situations that call for the services of a skilled attorney, including caring for a disabled family member and owning property in different states or countries.

Finding the best Estate Planning Attorney in Chicago, Illinois is important for anyone who wants to ensure that their wishes are carried out after their death. They can help you prepare a will, establish trusts, and draft power-of-attorney and advanced directive documents to address your health care and end-of-life wishes. In addition, they can provide advice on inheritance laws in the state and help you minimize taxes, which in Illinois can be as high as 16%.

Theodore London – Attorney, Radio Personality, Speaker, Community Advocate

Theodore “Ted” London is an experienced Chicago estate planning lawyer who has helped numerous families stay out of probate and secure their legacies for future generations. He works with individuals, couples, small business owners, religious institutions, and investors. He has handled complex cases involving family members with special needs, heirs with disabilities, and real estate transactions. He focuses on helping clients make wise financial and tax decisions and is available to answer any questions.

Correa Law

Correa Law is a Chicago-based law firm that has been assisting clients with estate planning since 2010. The team specializes in drafting legal documents and managing the legal needs of elderly family members. Their attorneys are licensed in both the state of Illinois and the federal courts. The team is composed of knowledgeable, compassionate professionals who are dedicated to protecting the families they serve. They work with clients from all walks of life, including professional athletes and entertainers.

Located in Chicago, the firm of Ralanda Webb Group LLC is committed to delivering transparent and efficient legal services to each client. It consists of two attorneys who specialize in various areas of the law, such as estate planning, evictions, real estate transactions, and guardianship. The team has a diverse range of experience, and it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Davis and Associates Law Offices

Davis and Associates Law Offices serves clients in the metropolitan area of Chicago and surrounding counties. The firm has extensive experience in resolving disputes related to family law matters, criminal defense cases, and immigration hearings. The team also has a strong background in estate and probate litigation.

The team at Davis and Associates Law Offices is comprised of experienced estate planning attorneys who offer personalized service to clients. They are dedicated to helping their clients protect their legacy and the well-being of their family. They can assist clients with drafting estate plans, including wills, living trust agreements, and beneficiary designations for life insurance policies, pensions, 401(K) plans, and IRAs. They can also help their clients avoid probate and transfer their assets to a living trust. They can also help clients set up special needs trusts for minor children and assist with tax planning.

An Introduction to Working with a Probate Lawyer

Probate is the legal process that must be followed when a loved one dies. At this point, the court decides how to divide the deceased person’s money between creditors and beneficiaries. Probate procedures can be drawn out and difficult, therefore it’s important to work with an experienced local attorney. To assist you in getting started, the best probate attorneys in Broward County, Florida, are listed below.

This Fort Lauderdale-based legal practice helps clients with a range of legal issues. Its legal staff assists clients with every step of the probate procedure, from locating a decedent’s assets and properties to choosing the best distribution strategies and paying off obligations. It also handles litigation pertaining to probate, including disputes over wills and objections to a fiduciary’s handling of estate assets.

Founded in 1962, this Fort Lauderdale-based firm offers probate and trust administration services. It guides families through the complexities of probate, including testate for a death with a will and intestate for a death without a will. The team also provides estate planning services, including the preparation of documents involving asset disbursement and power of attorney. Its attorneys are licensed to practice in New York.

Based in Hollywood, Florida, this legal practice assists people in the neighborhood. Its attorneys provide assistance in a range of areas, such as advanced health care directives, estate planning, probate and trust administration, deed preparation, and family wealth and distribution. The firm also represents clients in real estate transactions and property tax issues. The principal lawyer is a member of the Real Property Probate and Trust Tax Law Section of the Florida Bar.

The Law Firm of Danielle Greenberg, PC helps people file the necessary paperwork for probate in the state of Florida by offering advice in estate and trust concerns. The legal team helps with paying current and past-due taxes, transferring assets to the deceased’s estate, and informing beneficiaries of the estate settlement. Fiduciary duties and will disputes are also settled by its attorneys.

Young Berman Karpf & Karpf is a legal services firm that provides probate and estate planning services to residents of Fort Lauderdale. The firm’s lawyers assist with a range of legal matters, including litigation, mediation, and arbitration. Moreover, they can assist with complex litigation and appellate work. Moreover, its attorneys have been rated AV Preeminent by LexisNexis Martindale Hubbell.

For clients in the state of Florida, Wintter Law provides probate and estate litigation services. Its attorneys are known for being skilled litigators and have decades of experience with complicated probate disputes. The law firm also provides other legal services, such as family law, personal injury, and corporate litigation. All of their clients will receive excellent counsel from their attorneys.