Therapeutic Massage for Harmony in Body and Mind

A therapeutic massage can help restore balance and harmony in body and mind. It is a gentle and holistic approach to healing that is widely accepted by medical doctors as a powerful alternative to painkillers or surgery.

It’s not only great for stress relief, but a massage can also reduce the inflammation that causes arthritis and other chronic health conditions. In addition to reducing pain and improving flexibility, therapeutic massage can also boost the immune system and encourage better sleep.

Soothe the aches and pains in your body with a therapeutic massage treatment that is designed with your specific needs in mind. From deep work in specific areas to Swedish-style massage for the rest of your body, each session is tailored with you and your personal needs in mind to provide maximum relaxation and wellness benefits.

Whether you have been injured or stressed out, there are many signs that it’s time for a massage. Some of the most common indications include muscle soreness, joint stiffness, headaches, low energy levels, chronic health conditions and mental fogginess. Massage can relieve these symptoms by loosening tight muscles, releasing toxins and stimulating circulation, which is why it’s beneficial for so many different conditions.

When you get a massage, the stroking and kneading of the muscles and other soft tissues will stimulate blood flow, which is why it’s so good for easing pain and discomfort. A therapeutic massage can also improve the flexibility of your joints, which will increase your range of motion.

If you have a pinched nerve, a massage will help by encouraging the tissue to soften which reduces pressure on the nerve. Massage can also help ease vascular headaches and migraines by boosting circulation and releasing tension in the muscles.

A therapeutic massage is a powerful tool to heal the body and bring balance and harmony to the mind, as well as the soul. A skilled massage therapist can manipulate the soft tissues of your body to relieve pain and increase the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

At our massage studio in Midtown Family Wellness, we use an array of organic and natural products to heighten the massage experience, promote healing and create a sense of peace and wellbeing. Our massage therapists incorporate therapeutic, relaxation and energy techniques to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each client. We offer several unique massage experiences, each utilizing an ancient Hawaiian practice that utilizes healing oils to rejuvenate the body. For example, the Raindrop Technique combines targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches to encourage your entire being to relax and renew. We also incorporate the power of the elements with alternating hot and cold therapy. This is known to increase the effectiveness of the massage and reaches deeper layers of the energy field than just the physical body. If you want to try therapeutic massage in Atlanta visit